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EcoDravya Car Polish


EcoDravya Car Polish

worlds only gel based polish which can be applied by user

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Ceramic coating will protects car’s paint from oxidizing, and prevents it from fading its beneficial if car is parked outside for long times in direct sunlight.

Protection from Chemical Stains

There are acidic contaminants in the air and the ECoDravya ceramic coating will prevent these contaminants from harming the paint.

Water Repellent, easy to clean

Eco Dravya being hydrophobic With this ceramic nano emulsion, it creates several nano layers few microns thick and you don’t have to worry about the wax wearing off, it harmonises with your car’s paint and also repels water. the shiner means that all water-based dirt and grime will come on to the surface and eventually slide off.

Porcelain Finish

EcoDravya ceramic coating gives gloss and depth into your car’s paint. It will shine like a cup of porcelain

Chemical Marvel

First user friendly ceramic coating in the world developed with technical collaboration of Dr Anil Kumar , chair professor of chemical engineering at IIT Kanpur