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We believe in using materials efficiently, without harming the ecosystem. Whatever has been done, cannot be undone. So, we have to work out a way. With prolific Mentorship of Dr Anil Kumar and affectionate guidance by Dr Barada Kant Mishra I believe we shall be able to achieve it.

The 4R


We refuse to use more materials than already been excavated, the environment which is there for billions of years is there due to certain evolution and we believe to take only what is granted, like a ripe mango from the tree, or the crop from the field, These can be regrown and that is our philosophy.


We are of firm belief that using material more efficiently will tend to using material more fundamentally and in lesser quantities, our polishes are the testimonial to the same.


Further reusing the materials is tantamount to our existence. We try to reuse the material in every way possible. IN our concept there is nothing like Virgin materials, they are all fundamental to their properties, which we achieve by being closer to them in very fine powders.


Recycling is our forte, whether it’s a metal, a polythene or something in between, we are able to recycle and reuse it in a formidable way. Our Car polish uses wax derived from polyester, polythene, the leather ceramic polish is the first in the world which uses the same wax.