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  • Materials Science

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Materials as we know them , can be given a new meaning. With the advent of new techniques to identify them, new processes to create them, there can be a whole lot of change to the way we use them.

Fundamental Science

As the material gets smaller, it comes to Microns, Nano, Pico, Femto and so on, just to give you a perspective. Nano science is one of the such novel ways , In this a material is subjected to its closest existence of species and approaches all and everything with a new vigour.

Just imagine, a car polish which you use is made of polymeric materials giving an invisible coat to your car. Now the components of this polish are in microns and once you grind them ultra fine to nano scale what happens : they stick better meaning you don’t have to use it more often, they shine or matte better , means they are less prone to dust affecting their refractive index.

We are pioneering one of the ways to make these nano particles. We can make a large lot of them in various combinations to better the existing products such as that car polish. This way of ball milling was pioneered in USA, and in able guidance and the indigenous workmanship of several enthusiasts and academicians, WE are proud to make this equipment and corresponding knowledge available for the active usage of industry.

Our objective is to make overall product quality in India so good to the Indian masses that “export quality “ tag or mindset is rendered to the bin. Be it perfumes, cement, medical devices made out of polymers, medical devices which are non corrosive in nature, Polishes so good that they coat the entire spectrum of the coated material indestructible to the tropical environment of ours and the list goes on. We are seeking as well as offering our never say die approach to the industry and the academia alike and would like to actively bridge the product improvement cycle to the real consumer in the market.